Promotes the conversion of organic matter in soil, manure and compost

Contributes to optimal soil fertility and resilience

Supplementation of nutrients important to the plant

Our natural soil improvers are developed to restore the health and vitality of the soil. By promoting a balance in soil life and increasing biodiversity, they contribute to a fertile and productive soil.

Natural soil improvers

Soil enrichment

Our products are based on natural ingredients that enrich and nourish the soil. They contain organic substances that improve soil structure, release nutrients and promote their absorption by crops. This leads to healthier plants and a better yield.

Sustainable agriculture

By using natural soil improvers, you contribute to sustainable agriculture. They reduce the need for synthetic chemicals and help maintain soil quality for future generations.

A strong basis for crops

A healthy soil is the basis for strong and resilient crops. Our natural soil improvers lay the foundation for a successful harvest by ensuring that the soil is in optimal condition.

Bio Terra, with its natural plant complex, marine algae complex and herbal extracts, promotes the efficient absorption and recycling of nutrients in the soil. This means that essential elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are naturally reused, resulting in a reduced need for external fertilizers.

We understand that every farm is unique. That's why we've developed an advanced application that allows you to discover tailor-made soil improvement solutions. Answer simple questions about crops, soil type and specific challenges, our experts will put together the perfect combination of products.