Bio Compost I supplies the crucial nutrients, minerals and trace elements needed to stimulate the composting process. These carefully selected ingredients form the building blocks for successful composting and the ultimate production of valuable nutrients for the soil and crops.

The power of selected microorganisms

Bio Compost II is based on a specific mix of bacteria and fungi that initiate the composting process. These microorganisms play a key role in breaking down organic matter and releasing nutrients. They ensure structured and efficient decomposition, without the negative side effects of odor nuisance or moisture.

One of the features that distinguishes Bio Compost I and II is their ability to compost without the unwanted side effects of odor nuisance. Our product does not remove oxygen or nitrogen from the material to be composted, resulting in an odorless and environmentally friendly process.

Bio Compost I and II accelerate the breakdown process of organic molecules, resulting in the release of nutrients. These nutrients are then broken down into absorbable forms for plants and soil by fungal populations. The result is an ideal basis for soil improvement and reinforcement, leading to a stronger symbiosis in the soil and ultimately an increased crop yield.

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