By using our crop treatment products, farmers can increase yields, improve the quality of their crops and realize cost savings.

Efficiency guaranteed

Natural ingredients

Our crop treatment products are composed of only natural ingredients, making them environmentally friendly and safe for both crops and the environment.

Scientifically supported

Our products are based on years of research and testing, with proven effectiveness in agriculture.

Environmentally friendly

Our products contribute to a reduced burden on the environment and the preservation of biodiversity through the use of natural raw materials.


With decades of experience in the agricultural sector, we are a reliable partner for farmers looking for natural crop treatment solutions.

At Vossen The New Farming we see ourselves as a partner in crop care. We strive to provide the best natural crop treatment products available, backed by science and expertise. Together we can achieve agricultural goals and have a positive impact on crop health and the environment.

We understand that no two farms are the same. That's why we've developed an advanced app that helps you find tailor-made crop treatment solutions. Answer simple questions about crops, soil type and specific challenges, our experts will put together the perfect combination of products.