Composting roadside clippings with Bio Compost I and II

If you are looking for information about how municipalities compost roadside clippings using Vossen The New Farming's Bio Compost I and II products, you've come to the right place. In this text we will therefore take a closer look at this topic and provide more information about how to use these products.

Roadside clippings

Roadside cuttings are a common waste product that is released during the maintenance of verges along roads and paths. It therefore contains grass, shrubs, leaves and other organic materials. These are cut during mowing. Composting roadside clippings is also a sustainable solution that reduces the amount of waste and at the same time returns valuable nutrients to the soil.

Natural fertilizers for roadside clippings

Natural fertilizers are an important part of modern agriculture. More and more farmers and municipalities are looking for sustainable ways. One of the most valuable sources of organic material is roadside clippings. This is released when mowing verges along roads and paths.


Composting roadside clippings is a sustainable solution for reducing waste and returning nutrients to the soil. However, the composting process can take a long time and it can be difficult to produce a good compost without the right knowledge and equipment. Fortunately, Vossen The New Farming offers Bio Compost I and II products, which have been specially developed to help municipalities and farmers compost roadside clippings.

Bio Compost I and II

Bio Compost I and II are organic fertilizers. The use of these products helps to optimize the composting process and also ensures a better quality of the compost. The products are also rich in nutrients that are essential for the growth of crops and plants.

View Bio Compost I and II.

In conclusion, composting roadside clippings is a sustainable solution. Municipalities are increasingly applying this to reduce waste and enrich the soil. With the help of the products Bio Compost I and II from Vossen The New Farming you can optimize the composting process. In addition, a high-quality compost can be produced that farmers and municipalities can use to improve their soil quality.

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