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    Root Development Boost – Large Fruit

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    Root Development Boost – Large Fruit (product 250) is an additive for Plantali – Large Fruit for use in case of moderate development and condition of the underground parts or in extreme conditions. This includes; extreme drought, extreme temperatures, an inactive soil or a strong fungal or bacterial pressure. Root development Boost – Large Fruit offers extra support for soil imbalances. It supports the root condition, contributes to an optimal absorption of nutrient salts and promotes the resistance of the underground parts of the plant.

    The roots take care of the absorption of nutrients from the soil or substrate. This is an active process that costs the plant energy and also needs oxygen. Disturbed root development due to a too high or too low pH, a disturbed soil life or the presence of harmful substances immediately leads to loss of growth and production. Poor root development also affects the condition and resistance of the plant. This gives certain pathogens a greater chance. Get the best out of it crops with Root Development Boost – Large Fruit.

    • Supports root condition
    • Contributes to the absorption of nutrient salts
    • Promotes the resilience of the underground parts

    Application of the product allows to reduce fertilizer use.

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      • Follow the Plantali – Large Fruit dosage schedule.
      • For every 10 liters of Plantali – Large Fruit, add 125 - 250 ml of Root Development Boost – Large Fruit.


      • Sediment in the product is possible.
      • The product can be mixed with common, water-dilutable sprays.
      • The product can also be sprayed separately.

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      Root Development Boost – Large Fruit

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