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    Udder Care (Ready To Use)

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    Udder Care (Ready To Use) (product 526) is a high-quality udder and teat care product that is ready to use and has been specially developed for lactating animals. The product provides intensive, hygienic cleaning of teats and skin.

    In addition to the cleaning effect, Udder Care (Ready To Use) also offers the option of marking the udder. This is done by means of a color marking, which makes it easy to see which teats have already been treated and which have not yet been treated.

    The product provides relaxation and care of the (teat) skin. Bacterial transmitters are no longer attracted.

    • Intensive, hygienic cleaning of teats and skin
    • Color marking of the udder
    • Relaxation and care of the (teat) skin
    • Bacterial transmitters are no longer attracted

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      After each milking, dip or spray the teats with Udder Care (Ready To Use).


      • Preferably clean the teats before milking with a skin-friendly, pH neutral cleaning product.
      • Udder Care (Ready to use) is a common product, permitted in accordance with Regulation EEC No. 834/2007 and 889/2008.


      • Lanolin
      • Glycerin
      • Herbal extracts
      • Dextrorotatory lactic acid
      • Dye (food safe)

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      Udder Care (Ready To Use)

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