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    Silage Care

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    Silage Care (product 521) is a premix of silage additives that has been developed to support silage conservation. Silage Care provides effective inhibition of rotting and mold formation in silage, which can result in higher nutritional value and a lower risk of nutrient loss. In addition, Silage Care also improves the palatability and digestion of the silage. Our formula is composed in such a way that Silage Care is not aggressively corrosive despite its very low acidity.

    Silage Care is a professional product that ensures efficient and effective silage preservation. It is an ideal choice for farmers who aim to provide high-quality nutrition for their livestock.

    • Inhibition of rot and mold formation in silage
    • Improving the palatability and digestion of silage
    • Despite very low acidity, not aggressively corrosive

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      For ensiling: Make a 20% solution (eg 1 liter of Silage Care in 4 liters of water) and divide the following amount of this solution through the product to be ensiled.

      • Grass: 3-4 liters*/tonne DS
      • Silage maize: 2-3 litres*/tonne DS
      • CCM/MKS: 4 litres/tonne DS

      *Depending on silage quality and weather conditions

      To treat cut surfaces and top layer: Prepare a 10% solution (e.g. 1 liter of Silage Care in 9 liters of water). Divide this solution evenly over the silage surface: 1 liter per m2 depending on the silage quality and weather conditions.

      When used in the feed mixer: Make a 10% solution (eg 1 liter of Silage Care in 9 liters of water). Distribute 2 litres/tonne of product to be fed in the feed mixer.


      • An even distribution is essential for optimal operation.
      • Observe safety precautions when handling the undiluted product.
      • Silage Care is readily biodegradable.


      Additives: Silage additives: Propionic acid (1k280) 40%, Formic acid (1k236) 17%. Preservatives: Acetic acid (E260) 2%. Binder: sodium lignosulfonate (E565) 38%. Aromatic substances: mixture of aromatic substances.

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      Silage Care

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