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    Condition Bolus

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    Condition Bolus (product 514) is an animal feed supplement (in pressed bolus form) for dairy cattle. It is composed of high-quality ingredients, including active essential oils such as oregano oil and peppermint oil, and natural minerals and trace elements such as iron, selenium, cobalt, zinc and iodine.

    The Condition Bolus has a gradual mineral release over seven days, so that the dairy cattle can benefit from the benefits of this supplementary feed for a long time. Due to the natural ingredients, it contributes to a good condition of the herd.

    • Helps with, among other things, starting udder and uterus problems
    • The natural product saves up to 50% on costs
    • 7 days of gradual mineral release

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      Packaging (90 grams per bolus)


      Remove the plastic around the bolus. Shoot one Condition Bolus into the mouth with the special Bolus Shooter. If necessary, administer a second dose after 1 week.


      • Duration of action 5-7 days.
      • Condition Bolus is not soluble in water and is not suitable for free absorption.
      • Condition Bolus contains no hazardous or harmful ingredients.


      Carbonated algae lime, vegetable fats from rapeseed, calcium stearate.

      Additives: flavourings.

      Analytical Constituents

      84.2% Crude Ash, 24.2% Calcium, 4.3% Crude Fiber, 1.10% Magnesium, 5.0% Crude Fat, 0.35% Sodium, 1.1% Crude Protein, 0.1% Phosphorus, <0.05% Lysine, <0.05% Methionine.

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      Condition Bolus

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