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    Bio Terra I

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    Bio Terra I (product 509) is a liquid organic fertilizer specially designed to nourish and strengthen the soil. Due to its unique composition, Bio Terra I promotes the conversion of organic matter in the soil, manure and compost. This optimally supports soil fertility and resilience.
    • Promotes the conversion of organic matter in soil, manure and compost
    • Contributes to optimal soil fertility and resilience
    • Supplementation of nutrients important to the plant

    Bio Terra II can be added to strengthen the effect of Bio Terra I.

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    Field sprayer application:
    • Mix the correct amount of Bio Terra I per ha in 300 - 400 liters of clean water.
    • Pump around in the sprayer for 5 minutes and add the Bio Terra II (10% of the amount of Bio Terra I). Then distribute this mixture over the land or crop asap.
    • Crop: All crops/soils.
    • Application period: In spring or autumn, at soil temperature >5ºC.
    • Dosage (pure product): 6 liters per ha.

    Application in/via the manure or compost:
    • Mix Bio Terra I 1:4 with water, add Bio Terra II (10% of the amount of Bio Terra I). Then distribute this mixture over or through the manure or compost asap.
    • Administration Period: Monthly.
    • Dosage (pure product): 10 cc per m³/ton.


    • To enhance the effect of Bio Terra I, Bio Terra II can be added.
    • Bio Terra I and II are 100% biodegradable.


    Bio Terra I:
    • Marine algae complex.
    • Natural complex for plants.
    • Herbal extracts.

    Bio Terra II:
    • Mixture of specially selected bacteria.

    Analysis in the liquid:
    • Nitrogen (Ntotal): 0.24%
    • Phosphorus (P2O5): 0.03%
    • Potassium (K2O): 1.12%
    • Dry matter (ds): 9.4%

    Dry matter analysis:
    • Nitrogen (Ntotal): 2.6%
    • Phosphorus (P2O5): 0.3%
    • Potassium (K2O): 11.9%

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    Bio Terra I

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