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    Bio Rein

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    Bio Rein (product 508) is an acidic cleaning agent for effective non-tox safe hygienic cleaning of animal accommodation. The product is designed to powerfully tackle both soft (organic) and hard (mineral) soiling, making it an ideal choice for farmers and livestock owners who require a thorough and complete cleaning of their animal quarters.

    Bio Rein is also designed to lower the acidity for a correct microbiological balance, which contributes to an optimal environment for the animals. Another important advantage of Bio Rein is that it is harmless to the processes in the manure pit. This means that the product has no negative influence on the natural degradation processes of manure, which contributes to a sustainable and more environmentally friendly solution for cleaning animal accommodation.

    • Powerful on both soft (organic) and hard (mineral) pollution
    • Lowers the acidity for a correct microbiological balance
    • Harmless to the processes in the manure pit

    Organic pollution refers to the accumulation of natural materials, such as plant debris, animal manure and food scraps, that come from biological sources. Examples of organic pollution are:

    • Animal manure from chickens, cows, pigs, etc.
    • Food scraps, such as vegetables, fruit and meat
    • Plant remains and soil material
    • Bird and other animal droppings
    • Grease, oil and other organic materials

    Organic pollution can lead to the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi. It is therefore important to regularly remove organic pollution from animal shelters and other environments where animals reside.

    Hard fouling refers to the accumulation of inorganic materials, such as minerals, lime and salts, that come from non-biological sources. Examples of hard pollution are:

    • Lime scale
    • Rust and other metal deposits on surfaces
    • Stubborn stains and discolorations on floors and walls
    • Accumulation of salts and minerals in water pipes and irrigation systems
    • Cement and concrete residues on surfaces
    Hard contamination can affect the appearance of surfaces and impede the functioning of pipes and systems. It is therefore important to regularly remove hard contamination to ensure the durability and operation of equipment and structures. In addition, hard pollution in combination with organic pollution can lead to problems such as clogged drains and the accumulation of harmful bacteria.

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        • Pre-treatment (if necessary or desired): Spray the surface to be cleaned with water.
        • Depending on the degree of contamination, fill a spraying device (high-pressure sprayer) with a 5% to 20% Bio Rein solution (500 ml to 2 liters of Bio Rein, top up with water to 10 litres) or fill a foam gun with undiluted Bio Rein.
        • Evenly spray/foam the surface to be cleaned.
        • Allow to act for up to 60 minutes, depending on the degree of soiling.
        • Spray the cleaned surface (preferably with high pressure) with water.


        • Application with the foam lance produces white foam.
        • Observe safety precautions when handling the undiluted product.
        • Bio Rein fits into any HACCP management system.
        • Bio Rein is readily biodegradable.


        • Mixture of organic and inorganic acids.
        • Good biodegradable foaming agent.

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        Bio Rein

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