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    Bio Compost I

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    Bio Compost I and II (product 180) is a specially developed product to support the processes during composting. Bio Compost I contains the necessary nutrients, minerals and trace elements, while Bio Compost II is a product based on selected bacteria and fungi that initiates composting.

    Bio Compost I and II do not extract oxygen or nitrogen from the material to be composted during its operation. This prevents rotting and therefore no odor nuisance. The enzymes and bacteria in Bio Compost I and II enhance the process of breaking down the molecules in the organic material, causing digestion to take place and the nutrients to be released. These nutrients are then broken down by the fungal populations present into nutrients that can be absorbed by the plant and soil. This results in Bio Compost I and II being the ideal starting material for soil improvement and reinforcement. A stronger symbiosis in the soil leads to a better crop yield.

    • Guarantees optimal digestion in the starting material
    • Does not smell and does not release moisture
    • Stimulates the binding of organic material in the soil

    From 'waste' to valuable nutrition for plants and soil.

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      • General: Dilute Bio Compost I 1:9.
      • Add 10% Bio Compost II.
      • Distribute 1 - 3 liters of this mixture per 10 m3 of material to be composted. This can be done during reduction or initial milling.


      • For coarse starting material, double the application quantity.
      • Bio Compost I and II are 100% biodegradable and non-toxic to humans, animals and plants.

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      Bio Compost I

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