Herbali proefresultaten

Article nieuwoogst.nl | Extensive field tests prove the value of Herbali organic fertilizer

In the 2023 growing season, Vossen The New Farming, part of Vossen Laboratories, once again achieved impressive results with the Herbali product. The company in Weert has been an established name in the Dutch agricultural sector for years. Herbali, an organic fertilizer based on algae, has proven its value in the cultivation of crops such as silage maize and potatoes (Marquis variety). Below you will find a summary of the field trials the company has conducted over the past year. The company also produces and distributes various other products, including Plant Care and Bio Terra.

Vossen The New Farming has its own R&D department that continuously conducts research into natural agriculture to ensure that the products perform optimally. For the 2023 growing season, the Herbali formula has been strengthened with additives such as Fritillaria Imperialis (Imperial Crown) and silicon.

The company's R&D policy rests on two main pillars: strengthening crops naturally and promoting their gradual growth, and naturally deterring external threats to the plants. This approach has again produced remarkable results. The company plans to introduce further improvements for the 2024 growing season, including the use of horsetail and neem oil.

Organic fertilizer based on algae

Herbali has been on the market for over two decades and undergoes continuous optimization and development. It is a organic fertilizer based on algae. What sets Herbali apart is its ability to be mixed with common agents. The product is applied one to two times during the growing season, depending on the crop type. In addition, the variant Herbali Special a certification for use in the organic farming, which emphasizes the versatility of the product.

Herbali provides steady and optimal crop development, especially in challenging conditions such as excessive rainfall, poor soil conditions or drought. Because the product is compatible with common products, it requires no additional labor or time, making it a cost-efficient choice for farmers.

International expansion and cooperation

Originally based in the Netherlands, Vossen The New Farming has expanded its influence to Belgium and the Netherlands and works with distributors in more than 25 other countries, including South Africa, Taiwan and Ireland. In 2023, the focus of the trials was mainly on Belgium and the Netherlands, where we collaborated with potential distributors such as Intergrow NV (Belgium) and Aegten NV (Belgium).

In the Netherlands, the potato trials were carried out in collaboration with the Practical Center for Precision Agriculture in Reusel. The company is also looking ahead to its expansion into the Austrian and French markets in 2024.

Remarkable results in silage maize and potatoes

One of the most striking aspects of the 2023 trials was the focus on silage maize, which were carried out at three locations in Belgium: Peer, Ellikom and Aalter. It is important to note that both tillage and fertilization of the treated and untreated parts of the crop were identical. In addition, experiments were conducted with different sowing periods, both early and late in the season.

The treated crops showed higher yields and thicker plants, indicating better sap flow. The overall yield improvement varied between 12.5% and 14.5%. Remarkable figures, because the product pays for itself with a yield increase of only 5%. In addition, Herbali promoted robust root development, which is crucial for the health and nutrient uptake of the plants.

The NO3 content of the plant sap was also measured in Aalter, with a difference of more than 19% was determined. This indicates the increased absorption of nutrients when using Herbali.

In the potato tests, with the Markies variety, a significant increase in the underwater weight was observed, namely large 8%.


The efforts of Vossen The New Farming during the 2023 growing season have once again confirmed that Herbali is a valuable product for the cultivation of potatoes and silage maize. With these results in silage maize and potatoes and plans for further expansion and innovation, the company remains an important player in the agricultural sector. Herbali provides farmers with the means to strengthen and protect their crops, contributing to sustainable and productive agriculture.

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