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Article | Optimizing nutrition and condition of cattle and calves with Vita Koe

Discover how Vita Koe, an innovative liquid premix, supports dairy farms.

Ensuring the nutrition and condition of cattle and calves is critical for farmers. This article explores the benefits of Vita Cow, a unique liquid premix specially formulated to support livestock. Important information is provided to farmers who strive for optimal results.

Vita Cow: How does it work?

Vita Cow is an innovative liquid premix, developed and produced by Vossen The New Farming. The premix is ​​carefully composed with selected ingredients to optimize the nutrition and condition of cattle and calves. The product contains a unique combination of natural elements, including apple, beet and elderberry wine, as well as specific plant extracts such as Achillea Millefolium, Hypericum Perforatum and Echinacea Purpureae.

The carefully chosen ingredients in Vita Koe offer important benefits for the livestock. The taste of the roughage is improved. This results in an increased appetite and food intake in the animals. In addition, it stimulates digestion, especially in the oral cavity and stomachs, so that nutrients are absorbed more efficiently.

Support with challenges such as heat stress

Heat stress is a common challenge that farmers regularly face. High temperatures and humidity can cause discomfort and reduced performance. Vita Koe offers support by helping the animals to cope better with the heat and by promoting a healthy body condition.

Researchers from renowned institutions such as Wageningen Livestock Research (WUR) have shown that the optimum ambient temperature for dairy cattle is between -5 °C and 18 °C. At higher temperatures, cows can suffer from heat-related stress. This has a negative impact on their food intake and digestive capacity.

Vita Koe can reduce the impact of heat stress on livestock. Due to the improved appetite and digestion, animals absorb nutrients more efficiently, even during hot summer days. This contributes to an optimal condition and performance of the cattle.

Easily add to daily ration

Using Vita Cow in the daily ration is simple and effective. Adding the right amount of Vita Cow ensures optimal condition and appetite cattle and calves, even during challenging periods.

In addition to the benefits of dealing with heat stress, Vita Koe can also help prevent other potential problems. For example, insufficient roughage intake can lead to rumen acidosis and have negative consequences for calving, hoof and udder health. Rumen acidosis occurs when the balance in the rumen is disturbed. The ration for highly productive dairy cattle in particular contains a lot of quickly digestible energy (concentrate feed). As a result, cows have to ruminate less and produce less saliva. These cows soon suffer from rumen problems. By using Vita Cow, these problems are proactively tackled and it improves the condition of the cattle.

With the right combination of natural ingredients, Vita Koe improves the taste of roughage, stimulates digestion and supports the livestock, especially during challenging periods such as heat stress. You can easily add Vita Cow to the daily ration. This way you benefit from the benefits of a better condition and appetite in the cattle.

Gerald Hemstede about Vita Cow:

“Vita Koe is an essential addition to our business, especially in the fall. We notice that when the cows go back to the barn and the feed changes, their performance decreases. Milk production decreases and fertility decreases. That is why we stimulate the cows with Vita Cow for fourteen days to three weeks to increase their resistance. As a result, they start up better and production remains at the same level. When major problems arise, Vita Koe has proven to be effective in addressing them.”

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